Structural Silicone Glazing

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a structural silicone glazing service.

There’s nothing better than incorporating a lot of glazing into a building to get the best of the natural daylight.  This is especially important for commercial properties where that natural light can boost productivity.  But glass isn’t a structural element, and this means it needs support.  That’s where structural silicone glazing comes in.

Silicone structural glazing is a special kind of silicone sealant that is used for the structural transfer of loads from the glass to the support structure around it.  This allows for the desired amount of glass while still ensuring that the structure is strong and resistant to the weather.

The supporting frame is made with enough strength to absorb all the loads including from wind, thermal expansion or even the natural movement of the building.  This can sometimes include mullions as a backup if the glass is quarter inch thickness or less.  It can also be used with insulating glass.

As well as glass, the process can also be used to bond external cladding elements including metal to the structure of the building.  This is a process that is often seen in many modern buildings to create an aesthetically pleasing and strong exterior to the building.

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd works across mainland Britain: England, Scotland and Wales.

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