Window Glazing Sealants

Pro-Sealant provide a full service for Window Glazing sealant service across the UK.

When you are constructing a building, windows play a big part in the design and are crucial for getting that natural light into the space beyond.  They can also be a potential weak spot in the insulation of the building but the key way to ensure this doesn’t happen is with the use of a specialist window glazing sealant service.

Glazing and frame sealants are available in a number of different styles including acrylic and silicone based.  These can be used to stop water from getting into a home or commercial building and to help insulate it to stop heat escaping.

Frame sealants are also designed to be flexible to handle the subtle movements of any building and also to withstand UV damage from the sun’s rays.  They are resistant to weather damage and to water and often can be painted to make them the same colour as the window frames, so they blend in.  Some sealants can also be used internally to fill gaps and cracks in things like skirting boards, ceilings, windows and door frames.

Our service involves the application of specialist sealant products that best suit the purpose of the building.  We can ensure the building is weatherproof, insulated and looks smart while also protecting the glass and allowing designers to use it as they see fit.

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd works across mainland Britain: England, Scotland and Wales.

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