Curtain Walling

PRO-SEALANT SOLUTIONS LIMITED provides a curtain walling sealing service to clients across Scotland and the UK.

There are lots of different ways to protect a building and make sure that it is as hard as possible to get inside.  One way to do this is the use of curtain walling.  Curtain walls are aimed at protecting the building from weather damage that can often cause damage such as rain, hail and snow.  The wall is usually made from a lightweight material because it isn’t required to have a structural component – that’s why glass is a popular material for curtain walling.

You can also combine glass with aluminium for curtain walling and use a curtain walling sealing service to ensure that the materials are strong and perfectly bonded.  Aluminium is ideal as it doesn’t weather and can take the worst the weather throws at it.  It lasts a long time and there’s very little need for repairs or maintenance.  It is even a cost-effective way to protect the building because when it is taken down, it can be recycled.

For buildings that choose an aluminium frame with glass, it is usual to have maintenance twice a year.  A fresh coat of paint will keep it looking smart and repair any damage from the acid in the rain which can wear away paint over time.  It is also a good time to check the sealing and make sure everything is working properly.

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd works across mainland Britain: England, Scotland and Wales.

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