Silicone Sealants

Pro-Sealant Solutions provides a silicone sealant service across the UK.

Building sealants could be one of the most under-appreciated parts of a building, working quietly in the background in a variety of ways.  Sealants can do everything from stopping external wall insulation from falling off, sealing windows and glass exteriors and even just to help with a decorative finish inside the building.  Whatever the purpose you need them for, an expert silicone sealant service is always the best choice.

At Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd, the silicone sealant that we offer is one that does some of the toughest of sealant jobs.  It is designed to seal building elements together, primarily glass, to ensure that the building is weatherproof, windproof and insulated.  We offer our service to work alongside the structural silicone glazing, curtain walling and window glazing services we offer so you can get the finish to the building it requires.

As well as being tough, our silicone sealants come in a variety of colours to match other design elements of the building.  We use the very best quality products and ensure that they always meet UK standards and building regulations.

We have worked on large and small projects around the UK and have the knowledge and experience to help with these important finishing touches to your building. 

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd works across mainland Britain: England, Scotland and Wales.

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