Silicone Sealants Wales

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a silicone sealant service across Wales.

There are a surprising number of uses for sealants.  They can stop substances and water passing through surfaces, joints or opening.  They can stop insects and dust and can even act as part of a fire stopping feature in a building.

Our silicone products are designed for slightly more specific and tougher jobs – they help protect buildings against the elements.  Our silicone sealant service Wales is used on new buildings and to upgrade existing ones to ensure they are weatherproof and well insulated.  This means applying a sealant to windows, glass facades, internal curtain walls and other structural components.

The job of the silicone sealants we use is to stop water getting into a building, protect it from wind and also to withstand UV damage for the longest possible time.  The rays of the sun can damage sealants, so we use ones with the best possible UV protection.

Another job of the sealant is to ensure the building is insulated.  High levels of insulation are important for running costs of the building but also for environment credentials – wasted heat increases the carbon footprint of the business at a time when there is growing pressure to reduce it.

We are happy to chat about any project where you need sealant services across Wales and the UK.

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd has worked across all of the main Welsh cities and towns, including: Cardiff, Newport and Swansea.

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