Structural Silicone Glazing Wales

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a structural silicone glazing service across Wales.

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd are experts in the creation and use of structural silicone glazing services Wales.  The process of structural silicone glazing is one where a special structural grade silicone is used to bond glass or even metal to the structure of a building.  This can be for external cladding elements or even as part of the building’s structure.

Using this special silicone, it is possible to incorporate more glass into a building than would previously have been safe.  That’s because the silicone ensures the glazing is able to handle movement, thermal expansion, wind pressure and still remain strong and in place.  It has allowed us to help clients create amazing buildings that are modern, eye-catching yet also practical across the country.

We also offer a range of coordinating services including other types of silicone sealants, window glazing sealants and even curtain walling.  We are a partner of companies who want to create something new and different in terms of commercial buildings and help them realise their vision with practical solutions to glass-related problems.

Based in Glasgow, we work across the UK and have even worked on projects in Europe.  We are accredited for the work that we do and have a strict review process that ensures the quality of our products and processes.

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd has worked across all of the main Welsh cities and towns, including: Cardiff, Newport and Swansea.

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