Window Glazing Sealants Stirling

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a window glazing sealant service across Stirling.

Most of us will have run into silicone sealants in our homes, around kitchen and bathroom sinks, showers and baths.  It is an ideal way to stop water from getting past and into areas, you don’t want it and is also mould and mildew resistant.  It even moves a little when you get in the bath!

The same kind of idea is why we offer silicone as window glazing sealants.  The products we offer are a little more heavy duty than the stuff you see in your home, but the idea is similar.  The aim of the product is to seal windows and stop rain and wind from getting access to the interior of the building.

Another reason these sealants are ideal is that subtle movement of taller buildings isn’t a problem for them.  They won’t crack and break if there is a spell of high wind the way some other sealants can.  Instead, they allow a little movement in the way a domestic sealant has a little movement for a bath full of water and a person.

Our job is to find the perfect sealant for the glazing in your business property.  We have worked on a wide range of projects across the region and can offer our expertise at the planning stage or at any stage during construction.

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