Window Glazing Sealants Southampton

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a window glazing sealant service across Southampton.

For high rise buildings, a lot of glass is a great look that allows light into every space.  But there are questions and issues to consider when using this material as a structural component and one of those regards the best window glazing sealants for the job.

Silicone structural glazing is where silicone sealants are used to help move the load from glass to the support systems around it.  Glass doesn’t work as a structural element because it isn’t strong enough and that’s why it is paired with support framing to do the heavy work.  Not only that, but the support needs to be able to handle everything from wind buffeting the building to thermal expansion due to sunlight.

The key to binding the two together is the right window glazing sealants.  These are different to the types of sealants seen on homes and are specifically for commercial buildings, even for high rise ones.  So, if you are building or renovating such a property, you need to ensure you have the right silicone sealants for the job. 

Here at Pro-Sealant Services, our job is to ensure you have the right products for the type of building you are working on.  We can offer help at the start of a project or come in as you are undertaking the constructions to ensure windows are sealed, strong and structural elements are bound to them.

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