Window Glazing Sealants Edinburgh

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a window glazing sealant service across Edinburgh.

Weatherproofing a building and ensuring it is energy efficient are often two things that are closely connected.  When the building element in question is the window and glazing of the structure, then the answer is having the right sealant.  And that means working with experts in window glazing sealant.

Our job is to come in at any stage of the building process and ensure that windows and other glazing are as weatherproof as possible.  Sealants serve a number of purposes – they ensure the glazing remains in place and stops wind and rain entering.  They also help with energy efficiency by stopping heat or cooled air from escaping and wasting those utility costs.

Sealants are also used when you opt for curtain walls or glass partitions within the building or on the exterior.  Again, the glazing needs to be secure and weatherproof while also looking smart.  That’s why we have various sealants in different colours to offer the right solution for your building.

We have worked with companies around the UK and can offer plenty of examples.  From small offices to large scale public services buildings, we have worked to ensure the weatherproofing is to the highest standard and that utility costs are as low as possible.

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