Window Glazing Sealants Coventry

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a window glazing sealant service across Coventry.

When you are renovating an older property or even building a new high rise, one of the areas to consider is the quality of the sealant in the windows around the building.  This will play a key part in the energy efficiency rating of the building, which can have an impact on rents paid or costs to run the building.

Silicone sealants have been the commonly used product for a long time, but they weren’t always to the standard they are now.  Modern window glazing sealants around the country are much more durable than in previous times so it is worth looking at the sealants around the windows and see if they need an upgrade.

If you are unsure if new sealant is needed or what condition existing sealant is in, we can help.  As experts in all kinds of commercial glazing sealants, we can offer the right product for the job.  This includes replacing existing silicone with a newer version and patching up silicone seals that are okay but need a little work.

No matter what style of age of high rise building you are renovating, give us a call to chat silicone sealants and ensure the building is energy efficient and weatherproof at the end of the project.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.