Window Glazing Sealants Cardiff

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a window glazing sealant service across Cardiff.

As experts in window glazing sealants, Pro-Sealant are here to help you with the advice and products you need for your high rise building project.  We can offer sealants that work with any style of building but are particularly great at sealing the windows and glazing curtains walls of high rise buildings.  That’s because the offer unique circumstances due to their height.

Most people have no idea, but you know that high rise buildings need to move a little in order to cope with the weather.  It is almost impossible to spot that movement but over time, it can put a strain on building materials.  One thing that would commonly deteriorate would be window glazing sealants – unable to cope with that constant, subtle movement, they would crack.  This would let in cold air and water.

Our products are designed to manage this subtle movement and cope with the conditions of a high rise building.  Specially designed to allow subtle movement without cracking, they are also UV resistant to withstand constant sunlight for much longer.  They work in windows around the building, glazing areas and decorative features such as curtain walls inside and outside the building.

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