Window Glazing Sealants Bristol

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a window glazing sealant service across Bristol.

Energy efficiency is a key topic when looking at newly constructed buildings as the government pushes to meet climate change aims and goals.  This means that new buildings receive closer scrutiny for their energy efficiency qualifications than at any time in the past.  One of the important steps in ensuring top efficiency is to have the right sealants on windows and glazing.

We offer window glazing sealants that allow you to reach those energy efficiency goals with regards to windows and also glazed doors.  That’s because these products are long lasting, able to withstand the worst of the weather and also stop heat from escaping through gaps or cracks around windows.

There are lots of ways that heat can escape from a building but a top one is through glazing.  While double glazing helps to prevent the heat from escaping through the glass, if the sealant isn’t to quality, then it means the windows are less efficient.  Another problem comes from the natural movement of high rise buildings – if the sealant can’t cope with this, then it cracks and lets heat out.

Our sealants are designed to cope with the weather and the movement of tall buildings to ensure your windows are energy efficient to the highest degree.  We can visit the property at any stage of the building or renovation to discuss your needs and get a quote for the sealants you need.

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