Window Glazing Sealants Brighton

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a window glazing sealant service across Brighton.

There are a large number of different alternatives available for window glazing sealants.  But not all products are equal, and some will last longer and do a better job than others.  So how do you, as a commercial property owner or builder, find the best possible products?

Here at Pro-Sealant Ltd, we are experts in the different types of silicone sealant that can be used on homes and commercial buildings.  This means we know what is best for different types of windows and especially for taller buildings with a lot of glazing in them.

Our job is to assess the needs of the building you are working on and advise on the best product to use.  The aim is to have something that is strong and highly weatherproof.  It will be able to prevent wind and rain getting into the building and heat from inside escaping out.  It works with the glazing to increase energy efficiency to help the building be more cost effective to run.  Finally, it should also be UV resistant to last the longest time under the glare of the sun.

We can provide glazing sealants for all styles of window and even in different colours to match in with the surrounding building.  In addition to working with external windows, our sealants also work with curtain walling, both inside and outside the building.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.