Window Glazing Sealants Bradford

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a window glazing sealant service across Bradford.

As part of any renovation project, the energy efficiency of the building is always assessed.  When the building is a high rise commercial property with lots of glazing, there’s a big focus on the sealants in place and if they are still up to the job.

In many cases, the answer will be no.  Over time, sealants can deteriorate, damaged by UV rays and the gentle movement of taller buildings.  This can compromise the energy efficiency of the building by allowing wind and rain in while the heat generated inside can easily escape.

That’s why working with experts in window glazing sealants is an important part of your project.  Here at Pro-Sealant, we are premier experts in window sealants for high rise buildings and those with lots of glass.  We have the right products for your needs and can offer ideas on how to seal normal double glazed windows as well as curtain walling and other glazing features.

Our products are designed to last the longest possible time.  That means they are more resistant to UV rays than normal silicone sealants and don’t crack with the movement of the building.  Get int ouch today if you are renovating a building with a high amount of glass and get that energy efficiency up from the start.

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