Window Glazing Sealants Birmingham

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a window glazing sealant service across Birmingham.

Many of us will encounter sealants at home, especially around a bath, shower or at the back of a sink.  It is mould and mildew resistant and even has enough movement to keep working when the bath is full of water and a person gets in.

A related product is a window glazing sealant.  This is a similar style of product but that is created specifically to seal windows.  Again, you might see this around your home.  When you are talking about a commercial building, especially a taller one, then you want an expert in window glazing sealants to help you get the right products.

Like the movement of a bath when it is full, taller buildings naturally have some movement to allow them to cope with the strongest winds.  You can’t see the movement, but it is there, and this means any sealant around the windows needs to be able to cope with it.  If the sealant cracks due to the constant movement, then the wind and rain can get in.

We use sealants that are designed to handle that subtle movement in taller buildings and not crack.  The products are also UV resistant, able to withstand the constant rain from one side and heat from the other and even come in various colours to match with other structural elements.

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