Window Glazing Sealants Bath

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a window glazing sealant service across Bath.

A curtain wall is a type of glazing that goes on the outside of a building but isn’t designed to carry any structural weight.  It is made from lightweight material and helps to protect from the elements while adding a styling factor to the look of the property. 

When making use of curtain walls, it is important to use the right window glazing sealants.  Without these, there is always the risk that the weather can sneak through and cause problems inside the building.  For example, damp can get through the gaps around the glazing and lead to problems such as mould or mildew.  Wind can blow into the building making it uncomfortable while heat can leak out, wasting gas and electric used to heat the property.

Our role is to help match up your project with the perfect sealants.  We have a range of options for all kinds of glazing projects and this includes specialist one for curtain walls as well as for more structural glazing areas.

If you are working on a construction project where curtain walling is going to be used, ensure that it is properly sealed from the start by contacting us to discuss window glazing sealants.  Don’t let the weather cause problems in the building and ensure everyone is comfortable by sealing it correctly from day one.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.