Structural Silicone Glazing Nottingham

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a structural silicone glazing service across Nottingham.

The modern high rise features a lot of glazing but not everyone knows that there are two main ways this glazing is used.  One is in the traditional sense as windows to let light and air in and to stop the weather.  The other is as curtain walls on the outside of the building to further reinforce and weatherproof it.

Curtain walling is a smart way to finish a building and allows all that natural light to keep flowing into the building but makes for a strong and robust outer layer.  It has been used for many decades in different forms on buildings across the UK and remains a practical and stylish answer to weatherproofing problems.

One area of using curtain walls that has changed is the quality of the silicone sealants that are used.  Pro-Sealant works only with the best products for structural silicone glazing and offers solutions of the needs of curtain walls of all styles and sizes.

Contact us today if you plan to use this construction method on your building and need to get the right sealant for the job.  Without it, the curtain walls won’t be weatherproof and strong, are at risk of moving in their frames and could even be dislodged in high winds.

Contact Pro-Sealant to discuss your requirements.