Structural Silicone Glazing Newcastle

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a structural silicone glazing service across Newcastle.

There’s a lot goes into the construction of a building, much of which works away unseen behind finishing layers.  But as someone involved with that construction, you realise there are these special elements that finish a building and make it as strong as possible.

One example is the use of curtain walls.  This isn't a new idea and has been used for decades to give a sleek and modern look to the exterior of the building.  But we have also come to realise that it helps with things like letter natural light in and keeping the weather out - both big factors for modern buildings.

But there’s a key part of adding curtain walling that not everyone realises.  The basic structure is the glazing and the framework but what we supply is the element that brings the two together - the silicone.

As experts in structural silicone glazing, we are the go-to people when a building will have curtain walls and needs that finishing touch to make everything work perfectly.  The silicone products we offer are an upgrade on the usual stuff you might see around your home and are designed particularly to handle the harsh weather conditions of a high rise building.

So if you are adding this feature to a project, contact us today to sort this key element of the curtain walls for you.

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