Structural Silicone Glazing Liverpool

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a structural silicone glazing service across Liverpool.

With any construction project, there are general jobs and there are specialist jobs.  There are standard construction products and there are specific products needed depending on the style, type and use of the building.

Here’s one example - high rise office buildings need to have a lot of light coming into them but still need to be energy efficient.  The best way to balance these needs is with the use of curtain walling.

Curtain walls are a glazing layer on the outside of the building that is in addition to normal windows.  They look smart and modern but also add a strong weatherproof layer to the building’s exterior.

Here’s the specialist product - every curtain wall needs the right silicone.  Our services for structural silicone glazing across the UK means that we are experts in this particular product.  The silicone will ensure the glazing stays in the structural frame without movement so the curtain walls are strong and weatherproof, long-lasting and safe.

Our job is to provide the silicone you need for glazing a building in the way you want.  Call us today to chat more about it and the needs of your particular project.  We are based in Glasgow but have worked with clients across the UK and onto the continent as well.

Contact Pro-Sealant to discuss your requirements.