Structural Silicone Glazing Inverness

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a structural silicone glazing service across Inverness.

For most commercial buildings, there are a few different elements to balance depending on the purpose after construction.  But one thing almost all want is more light inside the rooms.  While artificial lighting plays a big part in achieving this, the use of structural glazing is also important.

Here at Pro-Sealant, we are the experts behind structural silicone glazing.  This is the key part of the process of using glazing as a feature outside the building in something known as curtain walls.  These are in addition to the normal windows in a building and use a strong framework as a structure. 

The key to using this system is that the glazing needs to be weatherproof.  That allows the most light into the building without affecting the energy efficiency of it.  And the key to do this is the silicone used to bind the glazing to the structural framework.

We supply the full range of these specialist products to help with projects of all kinds.  We have worked across the UK with large companies and lock authorities to provide the silicone sealant needed to ensure their building lets in the most light but is also energy efficient and strong.

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