Structural Silicone Glazing Glasgow

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a structural silicone glazing service across Glasgow.

Glazing remains the best way to get that natural light into a room and create a pleasant working space.  But there are still issues with glass, mainly that it isn’t a structural element - it is too breakable!

This means you need to combine glazing with the right structural framework to make sure the building is strong.  You then also need a special sealant to close the two together and make sure the glazing is weatherproof.  It also makes sure the building is as energy efficient as possible by reducing the risk that heat or cooled air escapes through tiny gaps around the glazing.

As experts ins structural silicone glazing, Pro-Sealant is who you need to turn to when you are constructing a high rise building with a lot of glazing.  We offer a range of specialist products that can handle the rigours of a taller building and still ensure that the weather stays on the outside.

The process also works to bond external cladding elements such as metal.  The result is the kind of smart modern building that uses a lot of glass and metal while also being extremely strong and energy-efficient.

If you need advice for the project you are working on, contact Pro-Sealant today or reach out to discuss your silicone glazing needs.