Structural Silicone Glazing Birmingham

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a structural silicone glazing service across Birmingham.

If you want to create a building that looks modern with lots of glass and a metal frame, there’s one element you need in that mix to make the whole thing work - silicone sealants.  Offering structural silicone glazing means that Pro-Sealant is who you need to turn to when this is your design plan.

Our sealant is designed to hold up to the constant conditions of a high rise building.  They withstand the UV rays, don’t give in the battering of the wind and also improve building energy efficiency by ensuring heated or cooled air stays inside the space, not leak out through gaps between glazing and frame.

While the products we offer work in a similar way to those used on domestic properties, they are tougher, longer-lasting and come in different variations to suit any type of building.  We also offer other types of sealants and even products for curtain walls, another popular use for glazing on the exterior of the building.

Call us today if you are planning a glazing-heavy building and want the right products to make it as strong as possible from the outset.  We are happy to work at the planning stage, on an on-going basis or even with a renovation project.

Contact Pro-Sealant to discuss your requirements.