Silicone Sealants Glasgow

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a silicone sealant service across Glasgow.

Silicone sealants are products with a wide variety of uses around homes and businesses.  But the products that we offer are a little different and a little more specialist than the average sealant used around the bath at home.

Industrial silicone sealants are used to ensure that a building is weatherproof.  They are designed to seal glazing and to stop water and wind from penetrating.  This not only ensures that the windows stay in place but also that the building can be energy efficient as less heat is lost through the windows – especially when combined with double glazing options.

Another use for this kind of sealants is to seal curtain walling, both inside and outside the building.  On the outside, this is used to act as a kind of shield, protecting the glazing further from the harshness of the weather.  The sealant helps to hold it in place and stop wind and rain getting through.

Curtain walling is also used inside the building.  Sometimes this is decorative but mostly it is to divide a space while allowing light to flow between the spaces.  Using the right sealant ensures each area is also energy efficient and can help to control utility bills and avoid wasted heat.

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