Curtain Walling Sealing Swansea

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a Curtain Walling Sealing Service across Swansea.

The wind is an obvious enemy for high rise buildings, causing that constant movement to which their design always needs to adapt.  It may not have the power to cause knock-on problems in the way that water does.  Or it may not cause long term damage the way UV rays from the sun does.  But it can quietly erode a building, brushing constant debris onto it.

The idea of curtain walling is that you add an extra layer of protection to the outside of the building that helps it to cope with the wind better than without it.  The key to these features is the use the right curtain walling sealant.

If you need curtain walling sealing, we are the UK’s leading experts in the topic.  Our job is to find the best products for our clients and to ensure that the structures they create are as strong and windproof as possible.  That’s why we offer exclusive sealants designed just for the job.

These sealants are very different from the common variety you see at home around a bath or sealing a double glazed window.  They are designed to cope with the harsher environment that a high rise receives.  So if you plan to add these features to your building, get in touch today to chat about getting the right sealant to ensure they are as strong as possible.