Curtain Walling Sealing Newcastle

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a Curtain Walling Sealing Service across Newcastle.

So, you are renovating a high rise and have decided that curtain walling is the right finish for it?  That makes sense – it looks modern and sleek, offers additional protection from the weather but still lets plenty of light in.

But have you thought about sealing those curtain walls?  Curtain walling sealant is a key part of using this type of construction but is something that can be overlooked.  There are plenty of sealant products out there but not all are up for the job.

We see sealants all the time – in the bathrooms and kitchens of our homes, around windows and doors on any property.  However, curtain walling sealant is a special type that is tougher and more durable than most.  It is also designed not to crack due to the slight movement than high rise buildings naturally have.  This means it will last the longest time.

If you are working on a high rise building, renovation or construction, and plan to use curtain walling, give us a call to discuss sealant options.  We can help you get the right products, so the building is as weatherproof as possible while giving that sleek, modern look that comes with curtains walls.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.