Curtain Walling Sealing Middlesbrough

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a Curtain Walling Sealing Service across Middlesbrough.

Standing above all other buildings, the high rise is hit with the harshest local weather has to offer – and that can be pretty harsh!  From heavy rain to high winds, driving snow to harsh UV rays from the sun, these buildings receive the worst of it all and taking extra measures to protect against this is always a worthwhile project.

A classic way to do this is with curtain walling.  This is an extra layer of glazing that sits outside the normal windows of the building and acts as a safeguard against the weather.  These curtain walls are usually made with aluminium frames although other materials can also be employed.  They are then sealed to make sure they are study and weatherproof.

That’s where Pro-Sealant come in.  We specialise in curtain walling sealing across the region and can visit the property to assess the needs of the project.  We have a wide range of products that are particularly designed for high rise buildings and are effective in the use of curtain walling.

The sealants we offer are different to normal bathroom or glazing sealants and can cope with the movement of high rise buildings as well as the demands placed by the weather.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.