Curtain Walling Sealing London

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a Curtain Walling Sealing Service across London.

Curtain walling is one of those architectural features that are easy to overlook but can have a big impact on a building.  Modern high rise buildings typically feature a lot of glass which allows them to have a light and airy feel to them.  But this can be lost when there are lots of solid internal walls that destroy the flow of light.  The answer is the use of curtain walling.

Curtain walling is the use of panels of special glazing to create dividers in a space without the need for lots of walls.  They let light and heat flow but can reduce sound travel and can come in variations such as frosted glass to give extra privacy.

One of the keys to using curtain walling is to have the right sealants in place to keep the panels in place and stop heat escaping.  We are experts in curtain walling sealing and can offer our knowledge to your project.

As well as internal curtain walling, the same idea is often applied to the exterior of the building.  Added outside over the top of normal windows, these add a strong, protective layer that still allows the light to flow into the building.  Again, the right sealant is needed to ensure they stay in place and are as weatherproof as the glazing itself.

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