Curtain Walling Sealing East Kilbride

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a Curtain Walling Sealing Service across East Kilbride.

There are many famous examples of high rise buildings that use curtain walling on the exterior. From hotels to harbour buildings, commercial properties to city centre high rises, the use of curtain walls create a stylish and modern look to a building.

But they are about more than just appearance. There’s a solid reason to use them and that’s the benefit they bring to the weatherproofing of a building. Because they are non-structural, they can be placed outside the building, on the outside of normal glazing and offer a shield against the worst of the weather.

However, there’s one problem.  Glazing and aluminium frames work well together but there’s something else needed for the system to work perfectly. That something is the right sealant.  The right curtain walling sealing across the area is one that can withstand the most common weather conditions we see - wind, rain and snow.

So when you are planning to use curtain walling on a building, don’t neglect this crucial step.  As experts in the different sealants available, we are here to offer our knowledge to get the right product.  We can visit the property to give first-hand advice or work through your plans with you.