Curtain Walling Sealing Cumbernauld

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a Curtain Walling Sealing Service across Cumbernauld.

Curtain walling is a system used to cover the outside of a taller building.  It isn’t a structural element but instead works to keep the weather out and protect occupants, reinforcing the protection provided by the glazing.  It is often made from lightweight materials because it isn’t a structural element and this helps to keep costs down.

With the use of curtain walls, you can allow much more light into a building while ensuring it is as weatherproof as possible.  It is made to resist both water and air infiltration so the wind simply flows along it rather than bombarding the windows of the building.

But there’s one key element you need when adding curtain walling to a building - the right sealant.  At Pro-Sealant, we are experts in curtain walling sealing across the country and our job is to get the right products to ensure the curtain walls are as strong as possible.

The basic idea of sealant is similar to that around the bath or shower at home or in normal windows.  It seals the glazing or other clear material with the aluminium frame to prevent water and air infiltration.  Without the right sealants, the curtain walls can’t do their job properly.

If you want to know more about our sealant projects or place an order, simply get in touch today.