Curtain Walling Sealing Birmingham

Pro-Sealant Solutions Ltd provides a Curtain Walling Sealing Service across Birmingham.

If you are searching for experts in curtain walling sealing, then we at Pro-Sealant are the people you need to talk to.  We have worked with local authorities, major building firms and other commercial customers across the area to offer curtain walling sealing on a wide range of different projects.

Curtain walling is most commonly used on the outside of buildings to add another layer of protection against the weather.  Combining strong glazing with an aluminium frame makes for a rot and rust resistant shield for normal glazing that also looks smart.  This combination just needs the right sealant to bond the two elements together and the result is a curtain wall with a long lifespan and little maintenance required.

Sealed in the right way, curtain walls are able to repel wind and rain, snow and withstand ice as well as not being impacted by UV rays.  This means that maintaining it is easy, especially when paired with the sturdiness of aluminium.

Curtain walling can also be used inside buildings to act as dividers.  These sections allow the light to flow through the building but can create divisions and frosted glass can be used to give some privacy too.  The right sealant between them will help to ensure the space is energy efficient and sound proofed as part of the walling.

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