Sealant Applicators

If you are working with silicone sealant, one of the key tools you will need are sealant applicators.  These are the systems used to apply the silicone sealant to the window, frame or other structural element that you are using it to seal.

Sealant applicators or sealant guns are a special system to allow the simple and efficient application of all types of sealant, including frame and glazing sealants.  You take the applicator and with a sharp knife, make a cut at a 45 degree angle to create a point for the sealant to flow from.

The further down the nozzle you cut, the smaller the flow of sealant.  The higher up, the thicker the flow will be.  So, decide where to cut based on the required thickness of the sealant.  Generally, wider flows can be harder to handle and to manage a neat finish but can be quicker for larger areas.

Then you add the applicator to a sealant gun.  This has a trigger to put force onto the applicator tube and force the sealant out of the nozzle.  This makes it easier to get a steady flow and less labour intense.  You can squeeze the trigger, move the whole gun and create a steady, even flow of sealant in any surface.