Mastic Sealant Contractors

As mastic sealant contractors, our role is to come to the commercial property and seal glazing and other frames to ensure the building is weatherproof and that it is up to the latest in energy efficiency standards.

We can work with the project management and other tradesmen involve in the project to ensure we visit at the right stage of the process.  We adapt to changing schedules to make certain you are ready for sealant services when we arrive. 

Our products come from the top producers of mastic sealant available and are all the latest relevant standards.  This means that once it is applied, the sealant will last for the longest time, have good UV resistance and naturally move with the building, which is especially important for high rise or multi-storey buildings.

We use the best equipment to access the areas we work in and always follow the latest in Health and Safety advice and regulations when we work.  As one of the top mastic sealant contractors in the country, we pride ourselves on a safe, efficient and cost-effective service with top quality results.

We can offer standalone sealant services or combine this with other services to help complete your commercial build project.  This includes sealing curtain walls and even providing the sealants if you want to apply these yourself.